Summer In Rome #10 – Nothing Can Separate

Summer In Rome #10 – Nothing Can Separate

Read Romans 8:18-39

One of my most frightening experiences as a child was the day I got lost at the movie theater.  My parents and I went to see a movie with some family friends.  After the movie, as my parents were talking with their friends, somehow I lost track of where they were.  I ran around the movie theater lobby searching for my mom and dad.  I felt terrified, sick, and panicked… I did not want to be left alone.  

In one way or another, we all know how this feels.  When the one thing in life that brings us security isn’t there anymore, panic sets in.  How will we survive?  Right now, you may be in a position where your security is in your spouse, boy/girlfriend, friends, in a job or status, in your bank account, or even in a habit or an addiction.  But when these objects of our hope fail us, our entire world comes crashing down.  You see, hope is only as good as the object in which we place our hope.

Romans 8 assures us that our world will not come crashing down when our hope is in the one object that will never let us down—the Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul reminds us of this hope all throughout the chapter: we have hope that we will be finally saved and brought to glory (8:29-30), that we will rise again (8:23-24), that nothing in all of creation can change God’s love for us (8:38-39), and that even creation itself has its hope in Christ for its final redemption (8:21-22).  

Jesus Christ is the only object in which we can place our hope who has proven Himself to be consistently faithful to keep His promises.  He has proven this to us throughout the entire Bible.  He made a promise to Abraham that he would have a child… and then Isaac was born.  He promised Moses that He would deliver his people from Egypt and bring them to the Promised Land… and he did.  He promised the nation of Israel blessing for obedience and disaster for disobedience… and God kept true to His word.  Finally, God promised a Son—a seed of the woman would would crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15)… and He gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ, who defeated sin and death for us.  God always does what He says.  He will never, ever fail.  He will never, ever let us down.  He is our only, perfect hope.

Questions for study and discussion:

1) Re-read Romans 8:29-30.  This passage is often called “The Golden Chain Of Salvation” because it describes the process of salvation for every believer.  If everyone who is called goes through this process, what does that mean about the security of our final salvation?

2) Why is it sometimes difficult to believe that our salvation is fully accomplished by Christ and has nothing to do with our good works?

3) In Romans 8:31-39, Paul lists a series of rhetorical questions that he answers in order to assure us that there is no reason for us to doubt the promise of God that He will save us completely.  Which of Paul’s questions here is the most compelling for you?  Why?

4) Will the objects in which you are placing your hope eventually fail you?  Confess this to a friend, small group, or pastor.  Begin to pray that your hope for life and salvation will be in Jesus Christ alone.